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Get Access to Audiobooks, eBooks, Magazines and the New York Times for $1.87/Week with Scribd

I recently learned of a special offer for students by Scribd, a membership site for people who love to read. With Scribd, all of your favorite ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and news articles are at your fingertips. The Scribd database also includes a library of comics, sheet music, and varying documents, from academic papers to legal proceedings, on its open publishing platform.


Not counting the FREE services of the public library, Scribd is one of my favorite ways to read. And in my opinion, it is one of the best services for audiobooks.

Scribd’s Offer for Students

Currently, Scribd is giving undergraduate and graduate students 4-months (a semester) of access to its library and a subscription to The New York Times (NYT) for $1.87 a week. That is about $29.99 for four months.

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After the four months are up, students will be billed at the monthly rate of $8.99 and their subscription to the NYT will be canceled. Students who choose to discontinue their Scribd membership can cancel the service at any time.

Unfortunately, this offer is not available if you are already a Scribd subscriber.

Students can sign up at https://www.scribd.com/studentoffer
(non-affiliate link).

For everyone else, you can try Scribd for free for two months with my referral link and let me know what you think. If you prefer not to receive a discount, please click here. Either way, I recommend Scribd as one of the best reading subscription services out there.


Scribd is continuously adding new titles to its database and I look forward to retaining my membership for a while. I have been fortunate to witness Scribd grow from a cumbersome website and app to one that is incredibly easy to navigate and very efficient for reading.

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