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Why I Started This Blog

When I reflect about my journey to this point, I realize just how instrumental my family, professors, colleagues, mentors, and peers have been to my personal and professional growth. I feel incredibly grateful to have a network of people who value and nurture my gifts and talents.

I started this site to explore my interests in public health and academic blogging. I wanted a space to share some of my experiences during my doctoral program and a place to engage with diverse learners around public health concepts and issues. My goal is to inspire students to pursue careers in public health and allow them to see how broad and encompassing the field of public health is.

My path to public health is not unique. Like others who choose careers in public health, I am here because of the fusion of past and present experiences, revelations, and “a-ha” moments.

With this space, I hope to:

  1. Write about and work through complex ideas with the help of a larger community of public health students, researchers, and professionals.
  2. Write for public engagement around public health concepts and issues.
  3. Share some of the tips and resources that I come across for graduate students and junior researchers.
  4. Write for the sole purpose of writing.

This blog exists to chronicle my experiences as I pursue these interests and more. I hope you will visit often and share relevant posts with your students and colleagues.

Check out some of my recent posts:

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In these posts, I write about starting my first year as a doctoral student at UCLA and starting my first year of blogging. I also describe “the process,” the period between when you start actively working on a long-term goal and the moment you attain the envisioned outcome.

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I hope you’ll remain open to the lessons you’ll learn on the path to achieving your goals.

You can learn more about my research activities here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and subscribe to get monthly updates about posts you may have missed.

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